Implant Dentists Are True Cosmetic Dentists

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Dental implant Dentist Colorado SpringsCosmetic dentistry is the procedure used in the treatment of missing, chipped, misshapen, and discolored teeth. One can have the length of their teeth altered, short and worn out teeth restored, spaces between teeth closed, and teeth reshaped. Procedures commonly used are contouring, reshaping, veneers and crowns, bonding and bleaching.

Teeth Whitening – This Is a well-known process that uses chemicals to make teeth appear white. Some people prefer this process to get a whiter shade or getting rid of stains. The reason for discoloration of the enamel is smoking of cigarettes, tea, coffee and medication. Old age and heredity is another reason for discoloration. This procedure takes place at home under supervision or, in the dental office. Most people prefer it done at home.

Crowns – Also known as caps and used to bring back the normal appearance and shape of teeth. They are expensive and used in cases where other procedures may have failed. This procedure consumes time, but it’s effects are long-lasting, hence efficiency is the key with this procedure.

Bonding – this is another procedure of cosmetic dentistry used to change the color of teeth by placing colored material on the gaps. Teeth replaced by bonding are susceptible to chipping and staining. Tooth filling that has color can replace small cavities. Other uses of bonding include changing shape, color, and reducing the gap between teeth.

Veneers – These are pieces, thin in shape that change color and shape of teeth by placing them on top of the front teeth. They are either in form of plastic or porcelain. Veneers work best on teeth that are crooked, unevenly shaped, chipped and discolored. Bonding takes the place of crowns, which are more expensive. There is no need of anesthesia during this procedure.

Reshaping and contouring – This procedure mends crooked, irregularly shaped, chipped and overlapping teeth. Alteration of the shape of teeth, position and length occurs during this procedure.

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Implants are performed by specialists like Endodontists, and Prosthodontists, and although many dentists claim to be cosmetic dentists, true cosmetic dentists are able to perform procedures that produce life-changing results. Implants are that kind of procedure. To schedule your appointment, click through to get started.